As parents, you can help make ASA a welcoming and encouraging community. To keep a fun and educational environment, support the kids and referees and refrain from yelling at them during games.


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Rules of the Game

Click here to visit PA West's website for its guide to youth soccer. Below you will find a simple breakdown of some specific rules for younger age groups.


Players are not allowed to head the ball and golies are not allowed to punt the ball.

Build-Out line

The build-out line's purpose is to give the defending team more time before they are pressured by attacking players; to confidently play out of the back.

During a goal kick, all attacking players must move behind the build-out line and stay behind it until a player on the defending team touches the ball. If this rule is broken, the kick will be retaken.

These lines also take the place of the 50-yeard line concerning offsides.


Players are not allowed to head the ball, but goalies are now allowed to punt.


Starting at U14 and older, players are now allowed to head the ball and goalies can punt.


Being in an offsides position by itself is not a penalty, a player is only penalized for offsides when they become involved in the play or gain an advantage from that offsides position. A player is in an offside position depending on these factors:


In their attacking half.

Ahead of the ball.

Behind the second to last defender (The goalie counts as the last defender).

Not Offsides

In their defending half.

During a goal kick, corner kick, or throw-in.