Uniform Information

For new referees, purchasing a starter kit (which contains all equipment except for a stopwatch) from OfficialSports is recommended.


  • New Referees:
    • All new referees should purchase a yellow short sleeve shirt. Two options are available:
      • Economy Shirt - $25
      • Professional Shirt - $50
      • New referees are NOT required to purchase a blue (backup) shirt.
  • Existing Referees:
    • Should have both a yellow shirt and a blue shirt.
      • Yellow Shirt - Primary
      • Blue Shirt - Backup


  • $20-30
  • All Referees should have 1 pair of black shorts.
    • USSF logo is optional.
    • Pockets are optional but recommended.


  • $12
  • All Referees should have 1 pair of black socks.
  • Recommend having multiple pairs for tournaments.
  • The following options are available:
    • Black with 2 white stripes (Recommended).
    • Black with 3 white stripes on top of socks.


  • Cost Varies
  • Black Shoes
  • Black Laces
  • May have a white manufacturer’s design.


  • $1
  • All referees must have their badges on their shirts.
  • Uniforms contain a soft velcro area to attach a badge.
  • Purchase a round hook patch – This allows the badge to be moved from shirt to shirt.

Other Required Accessories

  • Whistle with Wrist or Neck Lanyard ($5)


  • Cards, Paper Forms, and Data Wallet($5)


  • One Set of Flags ($15-30)


  • Stopwatch ($20-50)

Full Uniform Example

Referee Full Uniform Image Example